In the beginning…

  • Diatus 1 Birth of the God Diatus. The beginning of known time.

Age of Discovery

  • Diatus 26900 Discovery of the four elements.
  • Diatus 26945 Birth of the God of Wisdom, Glicas.

Age of Purity

  • Cedia 1 The first magic. The first elemental dance. Birth of the Mother Goddess, Cedia.
  • Cedia 102 The world is called Cefairge, “Earth-Sea”.
  • Cedia 186 Birth of the Goddess of Harvest, Foghari
  • Cedia 1023 The first unnatural death.

Age of Chaos

  • Cedia 1117 Birth of the God of War, Cogadh.
  • Cedia 1398 The first Priest. The first ill-star recorded.
  • Cedia 1399 Worship of the Cefairgean Gods and other gods.
  • Cedia 1409 The first Wizard. The Elemental Wars.
  • Cedia 1501 The first Fighter. Foundation of Finach (later known as Breith).
  • Cedia 1511 Birth of the God of Death, Sgrios.
  • Cedia 1513 Birth of the God of Chaos, Dubhdao. The decay of Diatus.
  • Cedia 1523 Birth of the Goddess of Love, Glioca.

Age of Darkness

  • Cedia 1705 Appearance of the dubhaimid.
  • Cedia 1815 The wise return to worship of Cedia.
  • Cedia 1980 Great War of Cedia and Dubhdao. Ravage of Cefairge.
  • Cedia 1985 Mortals slip into Dubhdao’s realm. Appearance of Sgrios.
  • Cedia 2230 The first Rogue. Cefairge balkanized.
  • Cedia 2342 Birth of the God of Wealth, Piseach.
  • Cedia 2421 Lord Cuthach rises to power.
  • Cedia 2435 League of Darkness.
  • Cedia 2468 Pact of Dubhdao. League granted thousand year lifespan. The dead can now escape Dubhdao’s realm.
  • Cedia 2573 Birth of the God of Creation, Athair.
  • Cedia 2601 Division of Cefairge.
  • Cedia 2626 Beginning of Dark Ages.
  • Cedia 2871 Gaisgeach faces Cuthach.

Age of Shadows

  • Cedia 2903 Struggle for Rioghail.
  • Cedia 2921 Gaisgeach conquers Cuthach.
  • Cedia 2986 Rioghail conquers Inbhir.
  • Cedia 2988 Birth of the God of Nature, Nadur.
  • Cedia 2991 The first Monk appears in Inbhir. Silent Rebellion of Inbhir.
  • Cedia 3004 Birth of the God of Law, Ceartus.
  • Cedia 3058 Shadows War.
  • Cedia 3113 Athair falls in love with Cedia, forsaking his servitude to Dubhdao.
  • Cedia 3171 End of the Shadows War.
  • Cedia 3272 Finnigan born.
  • Cedia 3278 Kiera born in Ferann.
  • Cedia 3292 Cedia sacrifices herself. The slumber. Beginning of Athair dating.

Age of the Aislings

  • Athair 1 The spark of Athair. Athair carries on the work of Cedia. The First Aisling.
  • Athair 2 The Atavism Age.
  • Athair 4 Shrines of Cefairgean Gods restored.
  • Athair 5 Aislings first take political power. Kiera awakens in Breith. Becomes a monk.
  • Athair 6 Aislings settle Cala Draoidh. Finnigan awakens in Breith. Becomes a fighter.


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